Sustain Transport

Sustain Transport

Effective transport keeps people connected, promotes social wellbeing and economic activity. For a sustainable future, we need to use less fossil fuel and more body fuel.

Sustain TRANSPORT will map the route to more sustainable transport solutions for Northern Rivers community

Sustain Northern Rivers aims to

  • reduce transport emissions
  • increase transport options, and
  • increase physical activity, social capital and resilience.

The Northern Rivers has high transport disadvantage. We have limited public transport and fragmented infrastructure for cycling and walking. This makes us very car-dependent, and our communities and industries are vulnerable to increases in fuel costs.

If we can burn less fossil fuel and more body fuel, not only will we reduce greenhouse emissions, but we’ll be more active, which means less chronic disease pressure on our hospitals…a win-win for our region.

More often than not, we rely on our cars when we need to travel distances that are too far for walking or cycling. In some instances though, traveling by other means can be easier, more convenient and cheaper. For example, catching public transport or carpooling with others going in your direction can be cheaper than running and maintaining a car, and connect you with others in your community.

Sustain Transport  recently released the Sustain Northern Rivers Transport Survey Report 2014. This comprehensive survey looks at how, why, when and where people travel other than for work in the Northern Rivers region of NSW. It also sought to identify unmet transport need with the question ‘where would you like to travel but can’t due to lack of transport’. One of the key findings was that many people are unaware of the transport options available to them.

You can view the report at

 Sustain Transport welcomes new members.

If  you have an interest in sustainable transport  in the Northern Rivers region of NSW and want to be part of a working group to help get innovative sustainable transport  projects off the ground contact the Sustain Transport Working Group Convenor by emailing